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  Online Grocery Shopping
by GYG Technologies, Inc.

Are you a grocery provider looking for an online solution that does NOT ask for $4 per online order like other third party vendors do? GYG Technologies is proud to offer a NO FEES solution – a solution built BY grocers FOR the grocery industry!

Put your stores online
in no time with
GYG Back Office

GYG Technologies offers a turnkey solution which allows you to replicate your in-store business practices immediately on your eBusiness website without any user intervention via GYG Back Office.

Guarantee return customers
to your eBusiness website
with ScanAtHome

With a small handheld barcode scanner that hangs directly on the refrigerator, your customers can scan the barcodes of their depleted items and send them directly to their shopping cart on YOUR website. Through such convenience, your customers are sure to return again and again!


(Fargo, North Dakota) offers same day delivery to over 70 zip codes Utilizing the GYG Back Office technology, reflects Cash Wise’s huge 110,000 square foot supermarket inventory without any user intervention.

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) goes online! Providing groceries, cleaning services, video rentals and catering, offers a full-scale online solution to the East part of Pennsylvania.